Yaeyama Tour 2000

I visited the islands of Hateruma, Iriomote, Taketomi and Ishigaki in May, 2000.

Let me show you some pictures.

Nishi-hama (The West Beach) in Hateruma-Island

A manhole of Hateruma-Island with Takahashi.

The Southern-cross is printed on it.   Hateruma-Island is located at the southest (most south?) latitude in Japan among where people live.

My friend, Kotaro, enjoying fishing in Iriomote-Island

View on the sea between Iriomote and Ishigaki-Island

I believe I captured a flying fish at the center of this photo, but....

At Okinawan traditional bar, ASADO-YA, in Ishigaki-Island with the crews of scuba diving shop, GRAND BLUE.

The man of blue T-shirt at center is Mr. Asado, the owner of the bar and also a professional SANSHIN player.

Kotaro with black T-shirt at left side had already lost his conscious because of too much Awamori.

on the road in Ishigaki-Island to at 3:00AM

They are drunk and look like feel good after enjoying the party at ASADO-YA.

Kotaro still lost himself.

on the road in Ishigaki-Island at 3:00AM, #2

Kotaro could not move and refused to go up to our room on 2nd floor.

I left him in our lent-a-car, but I found him sleeping in the room next morning.    Quite strange.